is powered Camping and no signal ... 


We have supplied a few campers already with cellphone boosters. The Dual band boosters work the best as it cover the 2 most used band channels 900 and 2100.


The boosters is powered by a 220 Volt AC which converts the power to 5 Volt 3 Amp.  Most of the camping sites do have power, but a 12 volt supply can be provide to be connected to the car battery or a solar system.

The DIY kit works perfect, All what is needed is a few tent poles to push up the antenna high enough to get signal.





Camping  or Traveling

Traveling in the car and no signal ...


Car boosters is available. It is not so effective as the DIY home.


Your car must have metal roof , not only for the magnet but also to enclose the signal inside the car. . A car signal booster enhances the UL (outdoor) connectivity, which combined with a (ALC) automatic line control where the signal is poor and will reduce its gain to where the signal is adequate. When areas where cellular signal is substantial, the car signal booster is switched off as it is not required. 




Voice and Data on all Service providers...


To enhance your voice and data signal, buy a Tri-band or dual band signal booster.

However we have found that an external 3G / GSM router as seen in picture above, works better than just relying on the signal booster as the latency of data speed is lower.