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Large Home / Office booster

This large Office  booster will improve your signal for all offices/ large home or Lodges. Coverage is obtained by making use of diffrent antennas placed.  The system internal antenna output is stronger and to increase the radius, the internal antennas is split in two or three. The splitter cable advisable not be more than 10 meter at the most 12. Greater lenghts is possible by using other cable and methods. Given you greater coverage distance. It can only be installed by a certified installer. It is not outomated and if wrongly installed the system will go into a loop and can burn out. The system can be repaired, and we have systems being used for more than 8 years. 

Singel band: Quatation R25000+ antennas+ Travel

Tri band :  Quatation R35000+ antennas + Travel

With purchase a full installation guide is given, with video. With our continue customer services all purchases has been successfully installed.


We do not want to publish the manuals as a lot of time and effort has gone in to it.


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