1. Is it legal? Yes - but their is lot of grey productcs been sold
  2. Why cant the internal signal not be stronger than the outside recieving signal? The system will go in a loop, and boost it own signal to put it in simple terms.
  3. Is cellphone signal  not dangerous? Time will tell, what we do  know. Is that how further you are away from the cellphone tower,  how harder must your handset work. By using the cellphone booster you will decrease  your power output on a cellphone and will have less signal output.
  4. What volt and amps  is reguired: Systems is 5 volt and 3 amp. Some ofthe bigger system has 12 or 24 volt
  5. Can it be solar driven. Yes, you need to made some changes to the power adapter 
  6. Will it boost my wifi repeater signal? No. Wifi signals is on a other band 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz.
  7. Will the cellphone boosters work in Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and rest of Africa: Yes it will. We do supply for African countries.
  8. Do you get caravans,  moble and car boosters? Yes - we do have. Not a lot of people ask for it.
  9. Is there no other way to enhance your voice signal as it is to expensive? Yes you can do three things.

    1. Change your cellphone network settings so that it only communicates on GSM or 2G.

    2. Move over to another Network provider with better signal or

    3. Buy a signal band  booster instead of dual or Tri band.






Cellphone Signal FAQ?

The following systems is just examples. A site visit is recommended to determine thickness of walls, the interior design, signal strenght available.  Placement of  boosters is critical