Test and installation

A site visit is recommended to determine the best signal band to be chosen and where the placement must be. The best coverage is determine by thickness of walls, Glass and windows, the interior design, direction of signal and strenght available.


Site visit will determine the best cell phone booster for your specific need.

Site visit cost is R500 per site, plus travel cost of R3.5 /km.

Max distance is 200 km from Pretoria. Any other distance we are willing, but we need to determine the cost first.

Signal test


Terms and conditions


Increase your data rate and improve your voice quality

Test Conditions

You must be at the site, when testing is done to verify the signal (We have encounter that some clients is looking for a James Bond solution, with a very high rate of expectation).

We do not leave equipment behind or do a test installation to be tested for a time. If needed, a rental price with installation fee is payable. 

If the test must be done "now" and is urgent.  An Emergency fee of R1500 is payable beforehand.