We do get a lot of requests to test and do repair and supply letters for the insurance ! 




We do test and repair cellphone boosters and wifi repeaters, as well as other.


To test the equipment we need to have the power supply and the unit.


Some insurance want to have the equipment back after it is tested. 


Take note that when you claim you must specify how the unit was damage.


A serial number is required


We only keep items for  maximum of 7 working days



Insurance claims


Versterk jou sein. 

Boost your

cellphone signal

25 Years Experience

Basic DIY cellphonebooster kit

This DIY cellphonebooster kit will improve your signal for a radius from 5m tot 15 m depending on the thickness of the walls and the signal you recieve.

It is plug and play installation and can be done by yourself. It is outomated and will ensure that the system does not go into a loop.

However you still  need to talk to one of us before you buy. Although it is DIY you still need advice to let it work properly.

There is also a lot of pitfalls what you must be aware off, if not guided properly you will buy yourself a "white elphant". 

We do give whatsup support and do insist that you send us photos and your location before you buy it as band differ from area to area.   


Singel band 900 mhz (GMS, Voice, 3g Rural), 1800 mhz (LTE), or 2100 mhz (3g/ Voice) or

Dual band, 3G and GSM  bands / GSM and LTE (4G)


Phone: Bernard 082 --55 11 656 email: isp@kyknou.net