Improve your Voice signal  ... only


Take note that the only way you can enhance your signal is by installing a cellphone booster hardware 

It is not possible by downloading a Software app.
You can however force your phone to communicat on the GSM band.

When you want to install a cellphpone booster you must take in account

  • The location
  • The service provider
  • Which areas do you need to cover.
  • How strong is the signal you recieve outside and on top of the house roof. 
  • and the money available

Home and Office 

Increase your signal for better data speed...


To increase your data speed for devices in the home or office, it is better to install an outdoor 3G/LTE router modem outside the buidling. The reception is better outside and because of the hight, you will have a clearer signal line to the tower.


The  signal booster does enhances your data speed, but out of experience,  we have found that an external router works better. Another benefit is that you can buy data in bulk and share it between users - saving a lot of money. It also provides you the opportunity to connect cctv or devices you want to access remotely.


There are two options available:


  • External router + WIFI Hotspot.
  • 3G/ LTE router with directional antenna for long distances, as shown in the picture. ( Youtube Video)





Voice and Data on all Service providers...


To enhance your voice and data signal, buy a Tri-band or dual band signal booster.

However we have found that an external 3G / GSM router as seen in picture above, works better than just relying on the signal booster as the latency of data speed is lower.